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Make more money.
Innovative business process automation technology that helps make your business processes more cost and time-efficient, streamlined, error-proof, and transparent.
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Manual No More

Automate daily, repetitive tasks so you won't need to depend heavily on manual labor. 

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Cashless Technology

Cashless technology to help keep track of all transactions and improve security while gaining valuable insight from automatic reporting.
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Solve problems, increase profit, expand market share, and edge out competitors.  
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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning identifies relevant data to help you take appropriate actions at the right time. 
what we do

Custom Business Process Automation Services for Your Business Growth

Telos Soft is a technology development company. We are a bunch of AI technology enthusiasts that strive to develop industry-relevant and customizable business process automation software to help businesses in their digital transformation.


Technology Consulting

We help you discover business process automation technologies that work best for your business. 

Data Analytics

We help you make business sense of the mountain of seemingly irrelevant data. 

Business Process Automation

We help you put business automated processes in place so you can save time, cost, and improve overall operational efficiency.  

Remote Management

We help you run your business smoothly and securely without you being there or depending heavily on manual labor. 
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Products We Offer

We help you build and implement business process automation software that’s 100% customized to your business needs. We offer user-friendly products and reliable customer support. Your business will be automated and running efficiently in no time.

Telos Laundry Kiosk

An automated, cashless, and coinless laundromat multi-pay kiosk that is fast and secure.

Telos Laundry Member App

Build customer loyalty with direct marketing and reward programs; also helps increase cashflow when customer preload their accounts for future payment.

Telos E-commerce & Delivery

your e-commerce store or app to pick-up and next day delivery, your customers can enjoy your services from the comfort of their own homes.

Telos Hotel Kiosk

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